Saturday, July 19, 2008

My Full Profile

Hello. This is my profile (the full version).

I'm a conservative, non-denominational, Christian, young-earth creationist, and I'm not afraid to say it like some Joel Osteen followers out there. I am a homeschooled student. I enjoy it and I'm not "socially inept" like some youth PSYCHO-logists presume.

I collect soundtracks, of which I currently own 48, which is practically nothing compared to the die-hard collectors (we're goin' into the 4-digit line here). Why? I don't just listen to the music and enjoy, I learn. I've studied fervently in the art (and I emphasize "art") of film composing and I wish to major in the subject. I'm studying piano and have been for 12 years. Earlier I wanted to be a concert pianist, but realized later that I'm not (and probably never will be) good enough for the task. I'm also not up to it. I'm much better at writing newer ideas, which is why I'm choosing composing for film.

I get obsessed easily. I collect. Music isn't much of a hobby to me; more like a future. I prefer classical. "Oh, I do too!" some might say. But I prefer it in the isolated sense, as well as instrumental/orchestral-only types. I dislike most other forms of music: hip-hop, rap, rock, metal, country, crooner, rhythm and blues, pop, techno, you name it... but rarely, I like some piano jazz...but just the piano. I guess that's a little close-minded to the rest of the music world, but then, I'm a little old-fashoned when I think of a band as people who can actually play instruments, and not just acrobatically dance the stage off like Jump5.

Back to soundtracks (gotta love those plastic pancakes!), I think up stories of my own to go along with the soundtrack I listen to. I try to get as far away as I can from the plot of the story that the soundtrack originally played to. I take it seriously though, and go a step further to write screenplays for the stories I invent. I've only written one so far, and am on my second. The second is about an obsessed detective who's been after a highly-wanted gangster named 'Harrison Odell', hence, my user name (not my real name, in case some of you were wondering). Soundtracks really play a role in my life.

I enjoy strategy games, (not just video games), collecting antique model cars, and collecting 'Lord of the Rings' trading cards (this collection is massive). I enjoy playing on my pennywhistle once in a while, and (most recently) creating recut trailers for certain films on YouTube (which my channel name is, of course, "HarrsionOdell").

If you've come this far, you've made it! That's about it for me... unless I edit.

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