Saturday, July 19, 2008

Atheism is Illogical

Did you ever consider that atheists are not rational? I'll clarify. The word, "atheist" comes from two Greek roots: "Theos" meaning "god" and the prefix "a-" meaning "not." In English, it is translated to "atheist," meaning, "a rejector of 'god.'"

A "theist" is a believer of a "god." This is a belief in something. However, if a person rejects something that they cannot prove in the first place, how is it rational to believe so? For it to even come close to being a rational belief, one must be omnipresent: everywhere at the same time. Otherwise, you've got a flawed belief. It's like saying there aren't little green men living in outer space: there is only the option of believing that they don't exist. It is impossible to actually know that they don't, so rejecting this idea would be irrational.

If you could travel into outer space and search every star of every galaxy, every asteroid of all of space and come back to say, "I didn't find any, therefore, they don't exist," you would still be irrational in your rejection. Why? Because when you were searching that star over there, he zipped over to another one when you weren't looking. To prove that little green men didn't exist, you would have to be in every place at the same time. Otherwise, your rejection of their existence would be unreasonable.

Therefore, atheism is an irrational belief, because atheists reject something that can't be proven to not exist in the first place. To conclude this thought, it is also irrational to claim that logic dictates there's a God.

Logic does, however, dictate that God created everything. Now you ask, "Why would the very idea of god be illogical and his creating of the universe logical? Isn't that a contradiction?"

No. See, since God cannot be proven to exist, it is illogical to claim to know He exists, but not illogical to believe he exists. God creating everything can be considered "logical" since everything is extremely complex. It seems that evolutionists proclaim that such "complicated" things like wooden boxes with nails in them could not possibly arrive by chance, but the human eyeball with its trillions of rods and cones that adjust to every tiny detail of everything it focuses on arrived by "a slow, gradual process which involved a light-sensitive pigment in the head of a creature."

It is logical to conclude that everything was created, but not logical to claim to know it happened. Atheists claim to know that God does not exist by simply saying they reject Him as existing. But rejecting a belief in something is illogical since the belief was never proven in the first place, but never not proven either.

But I must explain that I do not follow the rules of logic; I only know what they lay down. I know that God created the universe because I believe the Bible to be infallible and inspired by God. Therefore, I am not being logical; I am being a fundamentalist.

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De Ha said...

A) "atheists claim to know there is no god" is a strawman.
B) by your logic, you are illogical for rejecting Zeus, Thor, Sheogorath, Cthulhu, the Flying Spaghetti Monster, etc.

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