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RISK: The Movie

This is based on the game "Risk" by Parker Brothers. I've written an plot outline of what could virtually happen if the game were made into a movie. This took me about 3 months to edit correctly, putting together the numbers of people and strategy actions into real time. The outline is written in a militaristic style, not really a story. Of course, if the game were a movie it would have a story, but in the background layout there would also have to be a strategy outline for what was happening in the world. I've written a plausible outline. If you're a big fan of Risk, you might enjoy reading this. Otherwise, I still hope you enjoy!


Red. Black. Yellow. Pink. Blue. Green. It's the year 2157 A.D. The continents have changed. The world has changed. The United States is divided into two, Russia is no longer a country, and China has lost over 100,000 square miles of land. The Atomic Weaponry Act was passed seventeen years before in 2140, requiring all nuclear and atomic weapons to be shut down and/or destroyed. It's a different world, and six main powers rule.

The Reds are the Orientals. There is no North or South Korea. They don't have too many countries in their possession, but they have men. Lots of men. Their communistic propaganda reigns throughout their united army, which is an effective tool to boost the mens' moral. The army's motto, "We stand together," serves as a fierce opponent for those who stand against their might.

The Blacks are the Arabians and Africans. They have control of Africa, the Middle East, and two countries of Europe. Their power lies in resources.

The Yellows are the Russians, who desperately want their old large land mass of the country they once owned. These rising powers predominantly have control over Asia. They, like the Orientals, also have their strength lying within man power.

The Pinks are weak Indians. They control Indonesia and India... and only those. The massive population of India decreased drastically due from the great "Ming Plague," an increase of locusts due to a Chinese experiment sanctioned by China's President Shai Tsi Ming, which underwent some terrible mishaps, and resulted in a huge migration of locusts from China to India. The locusts sent southern China and all of India into a three-year famine, which resulted in deaths totaling to over 875,000,000 people.

The Blues are the European Union. They have strength in their generals, and strive for a one-world government. They have control over almost all of Europe, and all of South America.

The Greens are Australian and American. They have strength in technology. They own all of North America, and most of Australia.

What happens? War breaks out. These powers know they can defeat others easily, so they fight. The pinks have no interest in war, and are immediately annihilated in India by the Reds, while the Greens take their Indonesia and control all of Australia. The Blues take the rest of Europe away from the Blacks. The Greens and Blues settle down for a while, knowing their powers can hold for the time. The Australians gather up power as the rest of the world fights. The Reds, since they have so little of countries, but so much of men, start taking over Asia. The Yellows try fighting the Reds back until their amount of men has failed so much that they surrender. The Reds now almost have complete control over Asia. The Blacks understand this is too much land for them to cover. They fight the Reds in a long battle until the Reds overcome the Blacks in the Middle East. The Blacks attempt to take it back but fail, with the Red totally conquering them in Africa. The Reds now control all of Asia and Africa.

Now the European Union (Blues) and the American-Autralian Alliance who represent Republic-Democracy (Greens) make a temporary alliance and fight the Reds. The Reds aren't easy to take. They have all the resources of Asia and Africa combined, making them an extremely powerful force. But the Blues and Greens control everything else. They make a final march against the Reds. If they fail they must make ends meet to try and form a peace, being the three powers of the world. But they know they will not comply. This promotes the Blues and Greens to fight as much as they possibly can. They attack in three places. The ever-growing power in Australia has reached such a peak that they attack Siam. The Americans attack from Alaska to Kamchatka. The Blues attack from Brazil to North Africa, and from the Ukraine to Afghanistan and the Middle East, but leaving some to defend Europe from the Ural. They make such a tightening grip on the Reds that the pressure destroys them. The Blues now have control of Europe, South America, and Africa. The Greens now have control over Australia, North America, and Asia.

The Blues are for one-world government, so they do anything they can for their goal of power. In a limited time of peace, the Blues surprise the Greens with an all-out attack on Asia. All the australian troops withdraw to Indonesia with a secret pact with the Americans, later to be deadly to the Blues. However, the Greens, thinking they were too powerful to be attacked, totally ignored that it might occur. The Blues succeed in conquering most of Asia. The Greens don't know what hit them, so they fight, and they fight hard. The Australians, since they had withdrawn every single troop from their posts in Asian territory to Indonesia, have an extraordinary amount of power. Australia is easy to keep, and can only be attacked from Siam into Indonesia. This gargantuan amount of men marches on Siam and takes it in one day. The Americans still have some of Asian territory. But the Greens control extreme amounts of resources. The Blues and Greens fight long and very hard, until they rest. Asia is divided between them half and half.

Remember, the Greens represent Republic-Democracy, and the Blues represent the European Union; the New World Order. The Greens know they can't let them rule with absolute power. Tyranny is the last thing they want. The Greens do something drastic and unexpected. They attack South America. South America has never been attacked ever since the war began, so no preparations were ever made. They had a strong enough force to hold the Greens back, but not enough for a full-fledged attack upon them with new reinforcements. South America is taken by the Greens. The Greens now have control over the Western Hemisphere (North and South America), half of Asia, and Australia. The Blues control Europe, Africa, and half of Asia.

The Greens try and focus on attacking the main base of the Blues: Europe, which is fully protected in Iceland. The Greens gather reinforcements from the Western United States into Greenland and, surprisingly, take Iceland. They go on to conquer Scandinavia and the Ukraine, but cease to keep North America strong in defence.

The Blues have been shaken severely, but do not reform themselves to retake Europe. Instead, they take all they have and conquer the rest of Asia, despite the Green's efforts. The Greens only have one thing left to do. The Blues have pretty much the same amount of power that the Reds had when they were in power, and when they were in power the Blues and Greens had everything else. Now, the the Greens have everything else, and the Blues are surrounded. The Greens decide to use the same tactic and the Blues that they used with them before to defeat the Reds. They surround them. They attack them from Alaska to Kamchatka, from Brazil to North Africa, from Indonesia to Siam, and from Ukraine to Afganistan and the Ural, leaving some behind for protection against the Middle East. They attack the Urals because it has less men stationed there than the Middle East. The Blues understand that they cannot stand against a united people. Before it was Blue and Green against Red, but now it is just the Greens and the Blues. One on one. The Blues fight with what they've got. But, like before with the Reds, the pressure is too great. Before the end, the Blues attack the Ukraine from the Middle East and hold it, knowing it's a link between the Greens from Europe to Asia. The Middle East was never attacked. The Greens then move backward after all of Asia is retaken, and Africa is conquered off. The Ukraine doesn't stand a chance against the Greens and is retaken as well, making the final battle occur in the Middle East, Armageddon.

The Republic-Democracy of America and Australia is the victor, and the New World Order is extinguished off the earth's surface. The Greens decide to go back to the "old days" of the 2000s. Every culture is given back the land they originally had, with new rulers who do not hold to tyranny. There is peace for 1,000 years.


1,000 years later..........

In a government room in Russia, the President of Russia is talking with the Presidents of 5 other basic nations in power, when a dark shadow rolls quickly across the room. The President's eyes widen, however, the other government people do not notice the shadow that sped by. The President gets up and starts to speak about problems with the Arabians, explaining they do not cope with Russian standards and must meet them somehow. But how? He walks over to a world map stretched across the main wall, looks at a section of the Middle East and utters, "We can take them."

Each President looks at him, each with a serious eye, and, showing the face of the Russian President, who gives off a hint of a smile, his eyes glisten, revealing the evil residing within.


The End.................?

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